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Product Information

Linksys WRT1900ACS V2 DD-WRT VPN Router Refurbished

Super Fast 1.6Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM, AC1900 Wi-Fi, TOP END ROUTER.
This router is capable of running a VPN Direct from the router from any of the major VPN providers, with very little speed loss !


  • Great for Medium to Large Homes.
  • Perfect for 10+ connected devices.
  • Works with all most popular VPN Providers.
  • Fastest VPN through speeds available.
  • Plug & Play Setup Available.
  • Marvell 88F6820 1.6GHz Dual (2) Core Processor.
  • 4 Powerful External Wi-Fi Antennas 4x4:3
  • AC1900 Wi-Fi speeds 1300+600 =1900Mbps
  • Connect Storage USB 3.0 or USB/eSata ports for sharing photos, videos, music and files on an attached storage drive via SAMBA or FTP or for sharing a printer
  • ExpressVPN Firmware available on this Router (See drop down menu above)

Processing power is the key to high-performance routing, For VPN users, having a large processor is imperative for the constant encryption and decryption the router will need to perform in this process. The better/faster the processor, the faster the VPN encrypted information can get to you! This WRT1900ACS V2 has a 1.6Ghz (1600Mhz) Dual Core CPU 512MB Ram making it the ideal choice for customers wanting a fast VPN through speed.




Equipped with a Dual-Core Processor, the WRT1900ACS V2 packs the computing power needed to handle network traffic and deliver the lowest latency. The result is a fast, responsive home network that never lags. If you are looking for a great router for gaming, streaming, video calls, or great speed VPN use, look no further.

Upgrading to a DD-WRT WRT1900ACS V2 allows for built-in VPN connections with OpenVPN and PPTP, creating a secure tunnel for any device just by connecting to the router. When you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, you get an additional layer of Internet security and encryption that allows you to mask your location or to access regionally restricted video and streaming content.

Plug this in to any existing router, you will then have 2 gateways out on to the internet, one secured behind your VPN and one though your normal router giving you the best of both worlds!

Running your VPN from a router will only use 1 of your allowed connections, so everything connected to this router either by Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi will be protected by your VPN, freeing up more connections to use outside your property on family mobiles etc. This is the best way to get all devices including Smart TVs, Android TV Boxes & Mobiles etc. on to your VPN service.

If you are just starting to scratch the surface of VPN, VPN Providers and their respective benefits, you are already on the right path to identity protection, network privacy, and personal security.
We recommend OpenVPN because it often offers the best of both worlds (speed and security) when it comes to VPN services.
This router has enhanced DD-WRT firmware with full OpenVPN integration installed.
Using a VPN provider within a router means that the setup only has to be done once and can cover all of your devices. Any device connected Via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to the Linksys WRT1900ACS V2 DD-WRT router will be safely encrypted behind your VPN service.

A few benefits of using a VPN on a Router: - Secures every device that's connected to it, upload and download P2P files in privacy, bypass the Country's web censorship and content surveillance, stream Kodi and other web streaming services without restrictions and use search engines without having your searches logged even from your Internet service provider.
Avoid receiving infringement letters from your Internet Service Provider!



Rear shot ports

How does a VPN work?
Basically a VPN encrypts the internet connection so all of the data you're sending and receiving is secured from prying eyes or hackers.

If you want a fast VPN router then don't buy a budget router you'll simply be disappointed and wasting your money.

The WRT1900ACS V2 router with DD-WRT has fast VPN through speeds.

This WRT1900ACS V2 router has 128MB flash 512MB of RAM & 1.6Ghz Dual Core CPU that handles the encrypting & decrypting of the VPN making it a great choice.

Why is a VPN slower than my normal line speed?

Any VPN service will always give you a small loss in speed, (if people say it wont they are lying) this is due to the hardware & software having to encrypt every packet of data sent and received.
This is why routers with less powerful CPU's and Ram (hardware) only produce 20-30% of your line speed.
This WRT1900ACS V2 will give you very good VPN speeds from this router!

The Linksys WRT1900ACS V2 with DD-WRT can be added to ADSL or VDSL network including BT, BT Infinity, SKY, EE, PlusNet, TalkTalk etc etc.
It's suitable for Kodi / IPTV (check your IPTV provider allows VPN connections) Mag boxes, Fire Stick's Satellite receivers TV's etc. etc..
Multiple users can stream HD content simultaneously.

Sat at ComputerDoes the WRT1900ACS V2 VPN router replace my modem?
No, the Linksys WRT1900ACS V2 DD-WRT router is not a replacement modem, it is a router only, It has NO built in modem. It requires connecting to your ISP modem/existing Router as pictured above and in our instruction leaflet included with the router.

Can I Use the WRT1900ACS V2 DD-WRT as a VPN Router Right Out of the Box?
If you enter your VPN providers name, your username, password and preferred location/Server during the secure PayPal checkout, (In Notes) your WRT1900ACS V2 will come pre-configured for your account and ready to be used out of the box. If you would not like to share this information, you can configure the VPN section in the router yourself.

If we DO NOT receive either a note in PayPal or an email shortly after your purchase we will assume you don't want it configuring and the router will get dispatched without the VPN being configured and you'll have to configure it yourself!

If we configure the router for you, we will also install a Kill switch that stops you accessing the Internet & exposing your IP Address should the VPN ever stop for any reason. (A great safety feature for streamers and downloaders!)


No VPN Included


Default Gateway / IP:
Username: admin
Password: password
Wireless Key: (Is on sticker on the underside of the router)
(All of the above default router settings can be changed)

A Top End Linksys DD-WRT VPN router that we highly recommend.


Front View Wrt1900acs

What's Included in this Package?

  • 1 x New Linksys WRT1900ACS V2 DD-WRT VPN Router.
  • 1 x UK Power supply.
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable.
  • 1 x Quick Start guide.
  • 90 Day RTB Warranty.
  • Free delivery (Next day delivery service option available).

Dual Router Setup Ready: In the dual router setup, one router is connected to your local Internet Service Provider and the WRT1900ACS V2 can be used as a dedicated VPN router.

Routers may not be dispatched same day, depending on purchase time, setup and testing time.

No VPN Client included, if you require a VPN Provider please look at our recommended Providers HERE.

We install 3rd Party Firmware on all our routers. By replacing factory firmware with 3rd Party firmware, manufacturers may no longer honour their product warranty.
We are confident that every router sold will function as advertised; as we open, inspect, upgrade, configure, and then test all our routers before they get dispatched.
That is why we guarantee you will receive a working unit and offer our own 90-day hardware warranty included with all DD-WRT routers purchased from us.


Rear View wrt1900acs



Product CodeWRT1900ACS-REFURB
EAN Code0 430145 000373

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